Some recent panoramas

These panoramas were created by taking a series of overlapping pictures from the same spot and using the Photomerge capability in Photoshop to combine the separate images into a single panorama. It works surprisingly well.

These images contain a lot of detail and are very large. The images shown below are displayed at 1/8 full size with links to more detailed versions.

Corsica - Centuri from the Col de la Serra -- May 29, 2010

Saturday was our first full day on Corsica and we decided to see Cap Corse - a small mountainous peninsula, 25 miles long and 5 to 10 miles wide, pointing north from Bastia. It seemed a safe introduction to the notorious roads of Corsica. The drive north along the east coast was beautiful - great scenery and a nice road. Twenty miles north we turned to cross the mountains and return to Bastia along the west coast. The road up into the mountains became very narrow and its surface deteriorated to dirt and random pieces of asphalt. We emerged, creeping, at the Col de la Serra above the port of Centuri to this view west and south, the terror of the past minutes subsiding.

We descended a narrow lane, at one point stopping to fold in the side mirrors, to the little port for lunch - our only bad meal on Corsica. A beautiful village.

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Corsica - Between Centuri and Pino -- May 29, 2010

The drive south from Centuri was stunning but but not to be viewed while driving as there were no guardrails and seldom a shoulder. Here on a hairpin turn there was enough shoulder to stop for this shot. In the distance is the small village Pino where we decided to cross back over to the east coast and its more generous road for the return to Bastia.

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Corsica - The old port in Bastia -- May 30, 2010

This is typical Bastia - buildings, colors and always the mountain.

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Corsica - Looking toward Saint Florent from Murato -- May 30, 2010

Murato is about twelve miles southwest of Bastia, just over the first mountain ridge, at the head of a broad flat valley running 8 miles down to Saint Florent on the north coast. I took this next to the San-Michele-de-Murato church.

On the right are the mountains separating us from Bastia and running north up Cap Corse. On there slopes can be seen the villages of Fusaja, Vallecalle, Casetta and Oletta. Near the road on the right is a small restaurant.

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Corsica - South of Corte - Col de Belle Granaje -- May 31, 2010

To the right(northeast) is the highway(N193) from Corte. To the left(southwest) rainclouds on the way to Ajaccio. We drove through 20 minutes of rain as we descended to Ajaccio where it was cloudless.

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Corsica - In Bocognano - 20 miles from Ajaccio -- June 4, 2010

On our way back to Bastia. Just outside of Ajaccio.

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Corsica - 5 miles north of Corte -- June 4, 2010

We are on a little road going to St. Lucia. We stopped here for lunch. In the valley you can see the main highway between Ajaccio and Corsica.

Note the lack of an meaningful shoulder on this road. To the far left you can see this road just before it disappears around the ridge and becomes narrower still. We did eventually make it to St. Lucia. It was a very stressful 15 minute drive. On the way we passed the lovely hamlet of Tralonco.

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Corsica - Leaving Bastia -- June 5, 2010

I am standing on one of the upperdecks of our ferry much larger than the Corsica Ferries ahead. A French ferry is to the left - was told not to use them because they are always going out on strike.

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Newton - Front garden -- June 17, 2010

Standing very close to the granit curbing so the wide angle distortion is extreme

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Karen and Tom Birdsey - Lake Champlain Camp -- September 4, 2010

Visited Karen and Tom early September 2010 at their camp on Lake Champlain directly across from Burlington VT.
They had just completed a year long "renovation" of the main cabin - same foot print but now two floors and then some.
Did a beautiful job - disappears into the site; cedar trunks for columns; unpeeled rough cut beams; lots of light.
I'm standing on the south end of their site facing north.

  • On the left the main cabin
  • Immediately beyond it the guest cabin
  • A small barn renovated into a boathouse/lounge is just beyond the guest cabin.
    Just a glimpse of its siding and deck railing.
  • The Boston Whaler is a 1972 21-Outrage, somewhat rare I believe, fully restored.
  • To the right across the lake Burlington VT.

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